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corrugated box
cajas retornable
contenedor corrugado
corrugated plastic
corrugated plastic
corrugated box
roll label            
road sings
cajas plástico corrugado
cajas antiestatica
caja corrugado plástico
pad de plástico
separadoe de plástico corrugado
caja retornable
vci bag  
foam bag
bubble bag

Corrugated Plastic Box

Flighty and can be dismantle, it occupies little space when it goes empty, it doesn’t damage with the contact of water, oil or grease, being a better choice.

Easy cleaning, sterile, nontoxic, resistant to water and to other chemical products, used as returnable packaging thanks to their great hygiene attributes, not letting any residues, nor particles or fragments of material. The high resistance to impact of the material offers a great protection for fragile products.

Returnable Packsging

Special attention regarding to the safety of their products, is fundamental that these products preserve their quality and not be affected in the freight and storage. It offers a system of packaging resistant to impact, to the open, or putting them in a pile, easy cleaning, and great esthetic. The packaging protects the food from bacterium, capable of supporting temperatures below zero, without affecting the package’s original structure.

Covers for Cars

It’s a durable solution, economical and 100% reliable for the internal line of baskets or assembled cars.

Divisions o Pad

Used for the piling of the glass packaging, pet and cans, plus it is washable, nontoxic, resistant and can be recycled.

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